Bonus Feature Slots: Review

There is one word in the lexicon of languages that invokes a deep level of passion in players: Free. Free money, free games, free anything is a sure way to get a players attention. Bonus Feature Slots, a website devoted to all things slots, offers players online slots for gambling. In addition to the slotting action on their site, Bonus Feature Slots also directs players to other gaming venues that offer the best slots. Essentially, Bonus Feature Slots is a first stop destination for slot players.

The Goal of Bonus Feature Slots

The main purpose of Bonus Feature Slots is to provide slotting enthusiast with any and all information that pertains to slots. This is an information hub that allows players to access useful information about the latest slot offerings, newest features, best bonuses, and even casino reviews. Bonus Feature Slots purports to be the largest website that is dedicated to providing such a service, and just a cursory review of the site lends credence to this statement.

In addition to the wealth of information that this site provides players, Bonus Feature Slots also offers players a little taste of online slots game play – for FREE. The online slot games available at Bonus Feature Slots do not require any download on installation whatsoever. All the games are playable from the player’s browser. Additionally, as these games are from such reputable publishers as Microgaming and Adobe, players are assured that these games do not represent any danger to their computers.

Casino Welcome bonus Play
Up Town Aces Up Town Aces
Slots: 400, Games: 50
$1,500 - Match bonus: 250%% Play!
Miami Club Casino Miami Club Casino
Slots: 400, Games: 50
$100 - Match bonus: 100% Play!

For those players that are looking for further slotting action, Bonus Feature Slots rates the various paypal online casinos. With so many online gaming venues available over the internet these days, it can be a real challenge for online players to find a viable place to play. By providing players with a top 10 list of the highest rated online venues that offer slots, Bonus Feature Slots makes this process manageable for players.

The top rated list provides vital information on the 10 best online slotting venues. Bonus Feature Slots states pertinent information for each listed venue: what type of software engine powers the venue in question, how many slot games are available, and any bonus information that is offered. Further, there is a direct link to the listed sites, so players can head straight to the venue is they so choose. Bonus Feature Slots is in the business of catering to the needs of online slot players.

Bonus Feature Slots only reviews online gaming venues that have been in business for five years or more and are powered by accredited software engines. Additionally, all the online casinos that are reviewed have their payout percentages verified on a regular basis. Players can be assured that Bonus Feature Slots has a rating system that can be depended on.

Players can only appreciate the services of Bonus Feature Slots. Bonus Feature Slots is not just a venue where players can play slots. This venue also provides players with the information where they can find the best online slot game play. Bonus Feature Slots is a venue that is truly committed to providing players with a great entertainment service.