A Lowdown on Progressive Slots with Their Variations

Playing online slot games is just like playing the wheel of fortune. Whether it is ordinary slots or progressive slots, all slots are games of luck, so nobody can predict who is going to win the big jackpot. The uncertainty in the game is real crux of enjoyment and this is why most players like play slot machines. But those who want to hit the mega jackpot can think of nothing but progressive slots. The most interesting thing about it is that it doesn’t matter whether you an amateur or experienced guy, these slots command more of your luck and less of your gambling skills.

General Info about Progressive Slots

Before playing progressive slots, you must know what these progressive slots are. These are slot machines which are connected together in a network. A small part of the betting amount which is put into all the machines adds to a solitary jackpot making it a huge jackpot amount for which all players are lured to play. So it can be said that the size of the jackpot increases with the increase in the number of people playing progressive slots.

But at the same time, players have to encounter their negative facet too which is the fact that the chances of winning the jackpot get slim and nothing but a hope remains with you perking you up to continue in the game with all excitement. Moreover, what attracts players to play progressive slots is the demonstration of the incessantly escalating jackpot just above the reels on the majority of progressive slot machines.

There are various sorts of progressive slots machine. The stand-alone progressive slot machine is the first type which functions independently. That is to say, this machine doesn’t work in network being linked with other slot machines. In this type of slot machine, the jackpot swells every time you make a bet. In other words it can be said that the jackpot amount largely depends on the proportion of the coins played by you.

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The second type is the in-house progressive slots machine. In-House Progressive slot machines are conducted and managed by a casino in a network. These are slot machines which are connected together in a network. A part of the betting amount placed into the machines by all the players playing go to the same solitary jackpot which finally turns out to be a huge sum to offer the winner.

In-house progressive slot machines are also known as proprietary progressive machines, because they are all managed by a single casino operator. It doesn’t mean that all the in-house machines are placed in the same casino, but they are in different casinos but linked together.

Progressive slots involve one more kind of machine which is the wide area progressive. These progressive slots machines are positioned in various casinos and are managed by different casinos. In view of the fact that there are a considerable amount of machines installed at various locations and the contribution made by players is pretty enormous and it makes the jackpots so big that winning one may account for millions for the grand jubilation.

On the whole it can be said that progressive slots are highly engaging and profitable games only if luck doesn’t back out from you. But who know what is in store for them, so be no progressive slots with all positives.